Nature Lands is dedicated to its daily endeavor of becoming a premier manufacturer in Vietnam, specializing in eco-friendly products sourced from nature.

With the commitment and enthusiasm of each team member, we are resolute in our ambition to establish ourselves as a world-class Vietnamese brand, continuously satisfying and engaging customers throughout their lifetimes, and bringing a sense of pride to our nation.


At Nature Lands, we firmly believe in our mission to plant green seeds in public awareness and create a positive impact founded on compassion.

Core Value

Nature Lands always appreciates customers and respects customer-centricity. We consider customer satisfaction as a measure of success.
Human resources serve as the driving force behind the growth of Nature Lands. In our company, we view creativity as the cheerfulness and enthusiasm of our business.
Dare to take initiative, dare to change, dare to become different.

Why choose us?


Nature Lands wishes to become a lifelong companion of customers. Therefore, we always keep in mind that we need to put compassion and professional ethics first in cooperation to bring the most benefits and value to customers.

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Input material diversity

For each customer’s needs, we will use raw materials that are suitable for each product fea- ture to bring the best experience to consumers. All are selected by our R&D department based on strict standards to ensure health safety and optimal product quality.

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Nature Lands is committed to fulfilling its obligations to customers. In case of defective products during manufacturing, we are willing to exchange and offer the best solution for our valued customers.

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Nature Lands

Nature Lands is confident in providing top-notch services through understanding, dedication, and always considering customer value as centric.

As long as you give us a chance, we will not let you down.




Product diversity

Bring optimal solutions for customers' diverse needs of products

Bags (2)

Straws (3)

Film (2)

Food Containers and Boxes (10)

Plates and Trays (8)

Cutlery (4)

Cups and Lids (12)

Bowls and Lids (6)

Input material diversity

Raw materials that are suitable for each product feature to bring the best experience to consumers


Best service in the world

We are committed to 100% compliance with agreements affirmed with customers and are responsible for the products sold. Buyers will be able to check the design and quality before mass production. In case of defective products during manufacturing, we are willing to exchange and offer the best solution for customers.

How we do?

In order to win the trust of customers, quality control is extremely important. In awareness of such a fact, right from the selection of input materials, the R&D team of Nature Lands has conducted strict selection based on rigorous standards. 

In addition, we also strictly control the whole manufacturing process. 

We are willing to provide QC reports from the factory as well as hire a third party to inspect the quality to ensure objectivity if requested by the customer.

Product features

Environmental protection

Made from fully biodegradable materials

Safe when using

Pass the strict regulations of Europe and the US on the level of safety as in contact with food

Meet international standards

Full international certificates to export to countries around the world: BPI, TUV, DIN


Easy to carry everywhere, handy for restaurants, hotels, cafes.

Brand identity

Available for printing customer's brand on the product

Easy to store

Suitable for containing frozen food, microwaveable, and well adapted to standard room conditions.